Collective Guilt

A colleague of mine recently wrote to me that that members of her American family are debating the issue of that nation’s collective guilt over the Iraqi war. In Canada, federal politicians apologized last month on behalf of our collective guilt over the treatment of First Nations peoples in residential schools. Reparations were made in …

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Quality vs. Quantity

I recently received some editorial feedback that two linked short stories would be better extended into a novel. Taking that feedback to heart I have been cranking out an average of 10 pages a day over the last three weeks. And yes, the plotline is still intact, with plenty more room for character development, sub•plot …

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Stepping Out

I’ve looked at this blog for about three weeks now and wondered • why bother? Why add more lines to the petabytes (or is it gone up further? what ___byte is it now?) of blog data out there? Who the heck reads it anyway? Writers are private individuals, known to hide at their computers and …

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