Big Brother is Watching

I have been following the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, particularly in the corporate employment sphere, and I’m feeling both trepidation and relief, glad I don’t work in that environment anymore. Big Brother has arrived at the corporation. I’m also having difficulty separating the human from the robot, for the two are emerging from …

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Unpaid Labour

As I sat down to write a eulogy to my mother who recently passed away, I scratched my head trying to find the many accomplishments in her life. On the surface, I came up with, “She was a devout Catholic, married at age 21, raised four children, was a homemaker who never worked outside the …

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Drones for Company

I’m getting ready for when drones will dot the sky and obliterate the little sunshine we have these days. It’s a magical time to be alive, also a nightmarish one. Just think to when the technology has been perfected so that drones can transport goods and deliver them safely to consumers. The big trucks will …

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