Medical Orphan

Well, I finally joined the precarious ranks of the “Two-million” in Canada, set to double in number by 2026 – the medical orphans – i.e., those without a family physician. I have been here twice before. The first time was when I immigrated to this country in the late ’80s. At that time, I just […]

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In Search of Sentience

In February last year, I wrote an article for the Anchorman titled “This article is NOT written by a robot,” to maintain that I was still in control of my subject matter. ChatGPT had just been unleashed on the world and was turning it upside down. Editors trembled, Writers wept, and Publishers rubbed their hands

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Morocco – the South

The land began to change after we left Midelt, the mid-point in our journey. We started to ascend into the Atlas Mountains, the domain of nomadic tribes who graze their flocks of goat and sheep between high altitudes and low in search of fodder. The Mid-Atlas is green and fertile compared to the more arid

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