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Crossing Limbo: Deep Moments, Shallow Lives

Greed, desire, ambition, loss, illness, death, and the driving quest to find purpose in a changing world—this literary collection tempts your palate with a multitude of themes and subjects, each more daring than the last. The characters in these 13 stories are wading through no man’s land, wanting to escape, but first needing to complete their personal journeys through limbo.

Opening with “Waiting for the Train,” in which a young girl and a forgotten writer contemplate suicide, and closing with “The Long Road Back,” wherein a woman uses tantric sex to heal the men in her life, the stories encompass all aspects of life without holding back.

Nothing is off-limits. Joseph draws a picture of life in the raw and deals with tough topics in an honest and naked way.

Crossing Limbo Facing Left

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