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“As a writer, Shane Joseph’s palate encompasses not only the three vibrant primary colours but also every hue, tint and tone in between them.”​
Ronald Mackay
Ronald Mackay
Author of Fortunate Isle: A Memoir of Tenerife

All about Shane Joseph…

Shane Joseph is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers in Toronto, Canada. He began writing as a teenager living in Sri Lanka and has never stopped. Redemption in Paradise, his first novel, was published in 2004 and his first short story collection, Fringe Dwellers, in 2008. His novel, After the Flood, a dystopian epic set in the aftermath of global warming, was released in November 2009, and won the Canadian Christian Writers award for best Futuristic/Fantasy novel in 2010. Shane’s latest collection of short stories, Crossing Limbo, was published in 2017. His latest novel, released in 2019, is Milltown, a tale of intrigue in a small Ontario town. His short stories and articles have appeared in several Canadian anthologies and in literary journals around the world.

His career stints include: stage and radio actor, pop musician, encyclopedia salesman, lathe machine operator, airline executive, travel agency manager, vice president of a global financial services company, software services salesperson, publishing editor, project manager and management consultant.

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What Readers are Saying…

I can’t get the sound of Frankenstein’s monster out of my head as I turn each page of Shane’s “After the Flood”.
Paul PattersonEditor, Watershed Online
Shane Joseph’s “Crossing Limbo” reminds us that, as much as we shy away from the knowledge, life is a very much a test of will and fortitude.
Michael Robert Dyet
Michael Robert DyetAuthor of Hunting Muskie
Joseph continues to write a compelling story with real-life characters that readers can relate to.
Sharon A. Crawford
Sharon A. Crawford Author of the Beyond series of crime thrillers
Shane Joseph is fearless in having his characters suffer within incidents that a lesser writer would balk at. “Milltown” is a riveting novel.
Ronald A. Mackay
Ronald A. Mackay Author of Fortunate Isle

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