Are Writers closet Politicians or vice versa?

Many exiting political leaders, whether through retirement or being voted out of office ( or deposed, exiled, overthrown • as extreme forms of replacement) tend to write their memoirs soon afterwards, as if trying to capture that lost glory of being numero uno, as if wanting to expose the bad people and systems that led to their demise, as if asking the populace for another chance. They usually write about an imperfect universe; one fraught with human frailty where perfect solutions are impossible and closure out of reach. They write for closure.
Fiction writers create their own universe, where they preside as universal ruler, able to manipulate situations and characters at whim; build them up and put them down. They create worlds where closure is possible and theirs to bring about, if they so desire. The writer is therefore in an enviable situation relative to his political peer.
I wonder if that is why virtual communities like Second City, Facebook and others are proliferating; where the ordinary man on the street ( aka the politician • for we need politics even to survive in jobs, marriages and social relationships) creates this alter ego, the avatar ( aka the writer) in the virtual world, to be able to gain greater control and force closure when needed?

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