I read to reach beyond myself; to tap into the collective consciousness of writers greater than me. I read so that their ideas, techniques and styles will rub off and enleaven my own writing.
I read to discover new words, and for new ways of employing words. I read for my own education, with the hope that I can live many more lives than the solitary one I have.
I read because I want to cover as many geographic regions of the world that my physical body will never have the time or money to visit. And being there within the pages of a book, savour the sights, smells and cultures that flourish in those places.
I read because it is fun and harmless; I do not suffer the mindlessness of TV, the need for alcohol to fuel my senses or for others to keep me company.
I read with the hope that my example will light a fire in my children and grandchildren to come, so that they may continue reading and extend the collective consciousness of my family line towards that ultimate consciousness • being one with God.
I read because I am.

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