Whose invasion is just?

There is brouhaha in the media these days about the Russian invasion of the Crimea and the subsequent referendum in that territory. Western governments call the invasion unjust, and the subsequent referendum invalid; Putin is labelled a blackguard • a throwback to Hitler, they say. By whose standards are these incursions into sovereign territories judged? …

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Olympic Reflections

So we owned the podium, eh? But the naysayers, our Canadian alter•ego, had a lot to say about it before we got there. Our typical Canadian hang•up got in the way during the dog days of the Olympics, during that middle stretch after the great gold performance by young Bilodeau, when the medals seemed to …

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Looking Beyond

The waters are calm when looking over the ocean from the battlements of the Fort that guards the entrance of the harbour at Santiago de Cuba. Off to the right over the horizon lies Jamaica in the sun, and to the left is Haiti in its destruction, while down below, in 1898, the Spanish galleons …

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