I’ve looked at this blog for about three weeks now and wondered • why bother? Why add more lines to the petabytes (or is it gone up further? what ___byte is it now?) of blog data out there? Who the heck reads it anyway? Writers are private individuals, known to hide at their computers and create universes they control. Why open up to a universe where one has no control?
However, having said all that, I figured, instead of talking to myself, I might as well write my thoughts down; perhaps somewhere out there, someone is listening, or reading. Beats sending manuscripts out to land in a slush pile where they may never be read. Or is this blog the new slush pile?
I have listed some topics that I will attempt to write about in the next few weeks and months. It will be interesting to see what comes back.
I will attempt to publish the first one in a separate post today

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