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Shane Joseph

For whom the bombs toll

(This article was published in the Sri Lankan Anchorman newspaper in April 2019) Once upon a time, the bombs tolled only for those engaged in

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Blackmail is Dead

There was the guy who popped a threatening e-mail into my inbox the other day saying that he’d caught me watching porn by inverting my

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Should I write another novel?

An ennui overcomes a writer between the writing of books: bad dreams, purposelessness, a sense of time running out, a lack of accomplishment, anger towards

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Big Brother is Watching

I have been following the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, particularly in the corporate employment sphere, and I’m feeling both trepidation and relief, glad

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Unpaid Labour

As I sat down to write a eulogy to my mother who recently passed away, I scratched my head trying to find the many accomplishments

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