Blog Slump Ahoy!

I’ve started to slack off from blogging. It’s been nearly three weeks and I haven’t posted anything. Three weeks? I, who in the beginning, posted twice a week on average. Have I said everything I’ve had to say in these four years of blogging? Is the average life span of a blogger four years and am I reaching the end of my shelf life? Even presidents and prime ministers call it quits after that length of time unless they want a statue built in their honour. Perhaps I should publish a book titled Shane’s BOB (Best of Blog) and retire.

I need a scapegoat. I can blame my ennui on work and the nice summer (finally here, and will it last?) and family commitments and the new book, yadda, yadda. Oh , and the fact that I am not as opinionated as I used to be (a sign of age) and that I value silence more. “If you have nothing to say, shut up” was what my elders used to say and I am now beginning to appreciate the wisdom of those words. I wonder if my fellow “mature” bloggers feel that way too.

Or is it because I realize that no matter what I say it will not make an iota of difference; the world will go on its merry way to damnation, learning by screwing up, often screwing up and not learning, and screwing up bigger each time. And the blogosphere—where us idealists reside—will heave and rock with dire premonitions of what is going to happen to our tired planet if we keep pummelling it with environmental pollution, economic bailouts, globalization, privatization, wars, marginalization, and greed. And nobody will give a rat’s ass…

Maybe I’m tired of contributing free content which everybody skims and few read, content that I am dumping on an already content•saturated world which has spawned a new industry of content curators on the social media networks, people, who like sorters in a post office, try to help readers pick what’s appropriate from the pile. Maybe it’s because I can’t yet figure out whether the e•book or the tree•book will carry our knowledge into the future, or whether we will outsource it all to the “Cloud.”And while we are on the subject, is this mysterious Cloud the Second Coming as foretold in the Good Book? No one knows where it is but it is out there and IT knows a lot about us! Why contribute more of my thoughts to IT, so that I may land up on some “no fly” list or be reminded off my politically incorrect comments by IT on the Day of Judgment which must surely be at hand now that we have pulverized the planet into near extinction?

I see Big Blog Slump ahoy. I need a vacation. I’m going to go outdoors and enjoy our glorious summer while it lasts and thank God for the day and for being alive to savour it.

But like Arnold said, “I’ll be back!”

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