Petro (Canadian) Dollar

When the Canadian Dollar reached over $0.90US last year, I bought lots of US dollars convinced that our loonie was overpriced and could never sustain this high. Then of course, that oily loonie soared to $1.10US at one point and I groaned at my … [Continue reading]

The Morning After

Now that the dust has settled on the federal election and hurricane season is almost over down south and the carnage on the financial markets has subsided to a “Ho, hum – so what did the TSX drop down by today – another 600 points? Ho, hum,” • … [Continue reading]

Election Call

On past election mornings, be they federal, provincial or municipal, I used to rouse my household. “Come on – we’ve gotta go and vote!” “Why?” would ask my sleepy 18+ year•old sons, who always had more interesting things to do. “Because we came to … [Continue reading]

Fear vs. Reality

There is a fear out there, balanced by a countervailing reality. The fear is that our workforce is aging and knowledge skills are being lost and all efforts should be made to retain mature workers and ease them into retirement only when well into … [Continue reading]

Writing Awards

A writer John B. tried for years to get noticed in the field of literature. Alas, there was so much content floating about in the literary world at the time that he could not attract anyone’s attention. Then he went silent and dropped out of the … [Continue reading]

Surrendering Talents

I had a dream. An old man was dropping objects from a bag into a lake. I seemed to be able to read his mind. The first items to go in the water were a cricket bat and a ball; they eddied and floated away. “Goodbye little friends, and thank you for … [Continue reading]

The Age of Fear

When I was a child in my native Sri Lanka, if someone on the street looked up at the sky, within moments, many pedestrians followed suit, even though there was nothing up there. We used to play jokes on people by stopping suddenly in the middle of … [Continue reading]

The Age of Personality

Politicians in North America are duking it out on personality, on this fall’s election trail. Down south, we have Obamamania pitted against the wizened war hero and the evangelical working mom against the tough Amtrak supporter. Closer to home, our … [Continue reading]

The Part-time Writer

I used to follow the “three•pages•a•day” maxim as a writer and thought I was doing okay. Most wannabe writers average that quotidian output (at least, that’s what I hear from writer’s circles and other groups that I haunt for company and when my … [Continue reading]

The Collaborative Novel

People are collaborating everywhere these days • in building software (Linux, Apache), in virtual project teams, playing virtual games with players spread out across the universe. They say that the reign of superior proprietary intellectual capital … [Continue reading]